The Dynasty

The DRENCHED Dynasty

The DRENCHED Dynasty is made of of the best of the best...the warriors, the livers of life, the leaders, the fighters, the winners.

Drenched is the culmination of 16 years in the fitness industry...teaching classes and training clients. It's what I learned about biology and the human body and mind in college and graduate school. It's the hours spent coaching athletes of all ages. It's the passion I have for helping people feel good in their own skin and the life experiences I've survived to know how important healthy minds and bodies are.

But Drenched is bigger than just brings you the best of the best, the most motivating, inspiring, and, most important of all, REAL experts in health, fitness, wellness and nutrition to you. We aren't new to this world and we're here to bring you DRENCHED, the brand rooted in science and oozing with style, dedicated to making fitness accessible and easy for everyone.

And guess what? You are going to have FUN every step of the journey.

You aren't alone in this, friends. We're all in this together.

Let's get DRENCHED!

"Laura is the humblest fitness coach I have ever worked with. Her online fitness sessions are powerful and well-organized. She indeed has helped me get in shape and shed the extra weight. "

Andrew Laurence Physics Professor

"Laura is more than a fitness trainer to me. She has helped me become a better person both from inside and outside. She indeed is a lifesaver!"

Julia Twain Admin Executive

"Attending Laura’s Sweatshop training sessions has become my favorite thing in life. This is the only place where I feel comfortable, and people don’t body shame me."

Myla Richards Housewife

"Laura has more knowledge and expertise in fitness than all my previous fitness coaches combined. She’s truly an inspiration for me and all the women in the US. "

David Diamond Basketball Coach

"After joining Laura’s fitness sessions, my remarkable body transformation has inspired my friends and coworkers to take a group fitness session from her. "

Sheela Patel Customer Support Executive

"My wife and I have lost 35 kilos of weight combined since November 2021. Laura’s training sessions and diet instructions have helped us get back in shape. "

Tom Harward Grocery Store Owner

"Laura will always have my gratitude for encouraging and helping me get a healthy lifestyle. She’s the best fitness trainer I have ever had."

Selina Shultz Nurse

"Drenched has changed my life in so many ways. It is the best therapy to escape the stress and pains and get back to a healthy lifestyle. "

Christine McKenzie Fashion Model

"Drenched has helped me become the captain of my college basketball team. I have never felt this much fit and healthy in my whole life. "

Mathew Dcruz Basketball Captain

"I never thought online fitness training sessions could be as effective as Drenched is. I lost 22 Kg in the last 6 months and got engaged to the love of my life. All thanks to Laura and her incredible fitness programs. "

Peter Blackwood Associate Attorney

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